Discover your Style, and get ready for a life back outside after the pandemic with this 3-Day Bootcamp

Bootcamp starts June 4


  • Have you neglected your wardrobe?

  • Are you ready to feel great about how you look?

  • Do you want to show up at your best both virtually and in person?

  • Do you know that your home interior could be so much more, but you don't know where to start?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then the Bring Your Style Bootcamp is for you!

You will…

  • Learn my proven step-by-step system to identify your signature style, feel great about how you look and know you are expressing yourself with panache and authenticity.

  • Get an introduction to the art, science and psychology behind your image and style.

  • Re-discover your closet, and learn new ways to wear the clothes you already have!

  • Get tips and tricks on how to apply your signature style to your home decor, so you can feel just as great about how you live.

Plus, you will have fun and find encouragement and connection with other women on the same journey.

I’m Integrated Style Specialist Kristina Pernfors, and I work with elevating your physical and virtual Style, from the way you Look, to the way you Live.

I grew up in the fashion world and learned that style is not a question about what’s on the runway this season, but how to truly be comfortable in yourself and how you look.

Through 15 years as an Interior Decorator I often saw the disconnect my clients had between themselves and their environment. I often heard...

“I wish you could fix me as well so I could look as good as my house!”.

I took that to heart and after certifying as an Image Consultant I now have the unique ability to create a truly integrated style for my clients.

How we look and feel needs to be in alignment with our environment, and vise versa. Otherwise, we won’t feel “at home” in either our surroundings or ourselves.


“The Bootcamp provided me more confidence with my style and clothing.”

Jehane Myers

“Kristina has taught me to tailor fashion and trends to my own personal body shape and style.”

Megan Raasveldt

"What colors work for you, do you wear silver or gold, what is your style - we did all that. I highly recommend, go sign up today!"

Cheryl Zuppa

A Preview of what you will learn in the Bring Your Style Bootcamp:

1. Your Personal Brand and Brand Attributes

Discover who you are, who you want to be, and how others see you.

2. How to Dress for your Body Shape, and your Best Family of Color

Learn why some clothes just don’t look right on you, and which ones will make you look like a superstar!

3. Your Style Avatar, and how to Create the Perfect “Zoom Billboard”

Find your perfect style and learn how to rock it both physically and virtually.

4. You will “go shopping” in your own closet!

Our daily assignments will make you look at what you already have through new eyes.

“Most amazing experience. It literally transformed my life."

Beannie Silverstein

"It’s so amazing to now go shopping and knowing exactly what to buy, and what NOT to buy."

Ingrid Hernandez

Upgrade To VIP

More Perks at the VIP level for only $59!!!

When you upgrade your Bootcamp Access to VIP status you will receive the recordings of each session the same day. So, in case you would miss any of the sessions, or need to leave early, you won’t miss out on any of the great information.

On top of that, VIP members will get an exclusive Q&A Session with Kristina on Sunday June 6th following the LIVE training session!

Bootcamp dates are

June 4, 5, & 6

just in time for Spring!!!

“I absolutely love the way she has shown me how to dress that helps me with my best assets.”

Sandy Flegler

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Bootcamp for?

For women who aspire to elevate their style & feel great about themselves, & who’s ready to do it NOW. “Someday” is not a day in the calendar.

What’s the daily schedule for the Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is Friday June 4th, Saturday June 5th, and Sunday June 6th. The LIVE training session are at 2pm EST each of the days.

How long are the sessions each day?

The sessions are 60 min, but there will be a chance for Q&A after the sessions each day if needed.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions?

We love for everyone to take part LIVE, but if you upgrade to VIP access you will receive the recordings of each session and can watch them as many times as you want.

Are the sessions "pre-recorded" or are they taught LIVE?

The training sessions are all LIVE.

What perks do I get for upgrading to "VIP"?

You will get the recordings of each session, and an exclusive VIP Q&A Session with Kristina on Sunday June 6th following the LIVE training session.

Does this work for people outside of America?

Yes! You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Do I need to install Zoom for this Bootcamp?

Yes, you will need to install Zoom which is free. Go to for more info.

I really want to do this BUT … I'm really busy right now! Should I join?

It’s never a prefect time for anything, but if you are really busy, you probably NEED this Bootcamp! Imagine a closet where everything fits you like a glove - how much time would that save you every morning?!

For any other questions, please contact Kristina directly at